Truck Paint Job

How To Do Truck Paint Job Using Spray System

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If the vehicle has been used a few years even a dozen years the paint will be damaged. The damage to the paint colors may be faded, peeling or visible cracks. And of course this reduces the beauty of the car. However actually it is not just happened to cars, even other vehicles such as trucks. If the paint of truck became fade, so the appearance and the sale value of that vehicle also will be down. So that, paint jobs for trucks also need to be done.

Truck Paint Job

The painting is not only being done by way of manual and oven system. Because it turns out there is a way that is really easy to do in the painting. Spray system is the answer. And the following are the stages in truck paint job easily and efficiently;

  • Make sure the area around you well maintained to anything might be exposed to the spray. Cover the parts that do not need to use spray paint. You can cover it with paper or cellophane tape.
  • Do the sanding. Check the state of the truck carefully. Sand all the dirt, dust, and the rubble that stick on your truck. Make sure you have a clean truck.
  • Apply the primary. It helps you to put the paint in order to glue properly.
  • Ready to spray. At this case, you can use an aerosol can or spray gun.
  • Use the clear coat. Wait until the paint dried. After the paint dried, to create a more glossy paint, you can use a clear coat to give a sparkling impression.

The painting process is the part of the work process that is very important. Because the paint is the first part that seen by the eyes. In obtaining the perfect of painting results, it should be supported by the material quality of paint, experts, equipment and facilities which qualified. this also applies in the conducting truck paint jobs using spray system.

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