car scratch repair cost

How to overcame the scratch on the cars collision

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The hustle and highway jam often occurs in large cities. This condition often made the ​​vehicles especially cars are vulnerable to friction. Not a bit of friction that caused scratches. Even, the car body can be dented by the collision.  While to repair that damage, the owners must spend car scratch repair cost that is not expensive, depend on how the big of the damage that must be repair.

car scratch repair cost

Fortunately, some little damage to the car could still be fixed easily by doing a retouch. This job requires the precision and the caution that might be able to hide the damage perfectly. The following are the stages to overcome some scratch may be caused of cars collision;

  • Light scratch.

Note the condition of scratches on your car. You need to pay attention about how the car scratches you are facing. If it still appears a thin white layer, the scratches may not penetrate the outer layer of paint. So, it can still be dealt with using an eraser. However if it still cannot be solved, take the wax then spray on micro-fiber pads. After that, rub in the area affected by scratches repeatedly. Use a micro fiber towel to clean it up. If necessary, in order the surface glowing back, give the car polish.

  • Medium scratch.

Medium scratch can overcome by repainted. But remove the scratches with touch-up paint before. Then clean the affected surface scratches with wax and grease remover.

  • Deep scratch.

If you find scratches which up seen the color of its body, so this includes the deeper scratches. You need sanding and repainting it. First, puree the side scratched with sand of 800-1000 grit, then sand again with a sand of 1.200 grit. Then paint it with a combination of thinner then spray on the surface of the car. However, if it cannot resolve the scratch of cars collision, come to the workshop to consult the experts.

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