how to paint a bumper

How to Paint a Bumper Correctly?

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Before we discuss about how to paint a bumper correctly, let us know what the bumper and its function. Bumper is the iron or plastic rods transversely at the front and rear of the car to withstand the impact. However at this time, the function of bumper is instead of just being the retaining the collision or collision damping. It can be used as car accessories. The bumper is now also made to make the car look more stylish. For it, the color of the bumper is very important to consider. Painting the bumper is not a difficult job, but it is also not an easy job. Even many workshops or body repair cannot provide good results in the bumper paint. So, how to paint a bumper correctly? The following are the stages that must you do;
how to paint a bumper

  • Prepare the components needed. Prepare the required components is a very important thing to be done. Use the high quality products so get satisfactory results. The necessary components includes Scotch Brite pad, Sandable Primary, SEM Surfacer, Surfacer Adhesion Promoter, 3M Adhesi Promotor, 3M Adhesi Promotor, Sandpaper and other components that may be required. Don’t ever miss them, because this is the essential things in how to paint a bumper correctly.
  • Wash the bumper. Before doing the painting it would be a good idea to wash your bumper. Use Scotch Brite pad to dislodge dirt be sanded. Wait until dried.
  • Use 3M Adhesi Promotor. Spray it on the bumper and allow it to dry up to 10 minutes.
  • Spray the SEM surfacer on bumper. It is useful on the plastic bumper. Wait for it to dry.
  • Apply 3 pieces of a light coat, and sand it. Use the sandpaper with 220/400 grit.
  • After the sanding has dried, do the painting correctly.


Bumper is one of the accessories of this car as the most important part of the car. So, do not be surprised if many people always find out about how to paint a bumper.

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