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How To Use The Clear Coat Car

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Having a car that has a beautiful view is the one everyone’s dream. One of the most commonly used ways is to repaint the full body of the car. In fact there is an easier way to make the paint shiny without spending quite a long time. Clear coat car is an alternative that is very appropriate in this case.

clear coat car

Using clear coat as a car body coating is quite easy, fast and simple to do. Here are some steps about how to use the clear coat car;

  • Protect thepartsthat are notpolished.
  • Coverthepartssuch asrearview, frontandrear glass, wheels, andrubberdoorwithpaper, clothorothermaterials. Make sureallpartswereclosedandonlyremainingpart to bepolished. It is intended thatthe paintdoes nottarnishthose parts, so they are notdirty.
  • Sandthedullpaintthatneedsto be polished.
  • Sandthese sections byroughsandpaperso thatall theold paintbecametotalloss and clean.
  • Make the processof paintingwith clear coat car.
  • In this case, usea specialclear coatcolorsin ordertoshow thecarshine.
  • Dry the paint.
  • Youcandry thepaintbyusing ofan oven. Butifthere is not,youcanput itin the sunlight
  • Wait a minute until it dry.
  • Let thepaintdried upandblend with thecar body. Normallya longdrying time of the paint isfor oneday. If thepainton thebodyandthe carhasdriedcompletely, sandthe hardenedpaint grains. After that, thenthe last stepis doingthe polishing.

The usage of clear coat car is the appropriate ways to make the car’s display became beautiful and attractive. You also don’t need much of money to do it. By some steps above, may can help you to make beauty your car’s display.

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