The Estimation of Cost To Repaint A Car

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When you start to get bored with the look of the paint on your car, then the things that you can do to handle it is to repainting. But before doing it, generally you must think about and consider how much cost to repaint a car. Many factors determine the level of rates repainting a car body. Begin of paint used, the amount of painted surfaces, to whether or not the heavy of the body repairs.

cost to paint a car

Cost to paint car sometimes also determined based on the selected color. Solid color is a color that is selected by most people. Because this is the color of paint that the price is quite cheap compared to the others. This color has a price range between 513 USD- 1.026 USD. While the second color that the most people chosen is metallic color. This color has a little bit expensive than the price of a solid color. The metallic color price is about 684 USD- 1.197 USD.

Cost to repaint car is usually also calculated as the panel. Each panel prices generally ranging up 25 USD-32 USD. But if you want repainted your car as a whole, it can also be done. The price of full body paint is usually starts from 51 USD. Even the cost could inflate when using paint with modifications color such as Chameleon, Multitone, Candytone or Xyralic. The highest price range of painting car can reach over USD 2.138 USD- 3.421 million.

The estimation of cost to paint a car above just includes flushing a full body paint job.  Because if there is the damage and need the weight improvement, so the cost will much more. The cost of each workshop will also vary depending on the paint used, the process of work and surely the result that provided.

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