Cool Car Paint Enhancement

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I found an interesting One Stage Paint Enancement on facebook. The Blue Ferrari 458 becomes the object of this paint enhancement then then process is followed by the coating process using GYEON Quartz. The pictures below depict the result of this process. Indeed the car looks insane in term of glossy looks.

APC snow foam treatment


ferrari 458 after paint enhancement


GYEON quartz coating to ferrari 458


Paint Enhancement Ferrari 458


The step by step process as follow :

  1. The car was given an APC snow foam treatment then washed using the two bucket method.
  2. After that we moved on to taping off all rubbers and body gaps to conduct a one stage paint enhancement to really bring out the gloss before coating it.
  3. The car was then given two layers of Gyeon Mohs and one layer of gyeon phobic top coat to add even more gloss and durability. We also coated the windscreen.


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