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How to Painted Auto Body Parts Effectively?

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The paint has an important role in the car. While the car is still new, the owner of car in generally be diligent to clean and care for it. However over time that habit is reduced and the paint is slowly becoming dull. And maybe one day your paint car becomes faded and unattractive. Therefore you have to do painted auto body parts to restore the beauty of the look of your car.

painted auto body parts

If you want to do that, you do not have to bring your car to the repair shop. Because actually painted body parts can you do at home or in other words, it can be done by yourself. Although so, you should not be careless in doing it. The following there is a way painted auto body parts effectively;

a. Sand the section that will be painted with sandpaper.
You can use paper pads with size of 800 waterproofs, then smoothed with sandpaper size of 1500.
b. Wash the parts to be painted with clean water.
After you wash the parts with clean water, then dry those parts by the cloth. Put it the blazing sun until it completely dry.
c. After the preparation is complete, prepare the paint to be used.
After the preparation is complete, prepare of paint to be used. Perform the mixing of paint with thinner according to the type of paint that in use. Do not too thick and do not too watery.
d. Start to do the painting.
Choose the color for painted auto body parts according to your desire. Do the painting with the right moving. Effort to make the painting became tidy and beauty.
e. Do the polishing.
Do the polishing process to improve the results for more leverage and in order the paint really looks shiny like new.

After doing painted auto body parts, you also need to paint with protective coating. Wax is a type of wax composition which serves to protect the paint surface. Good Luck.

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2 thoughts on “How to Painted Auto Body Parts Effectively?

  1. I agree that it is important to get your car repainted if the paint is wearing off or getting chipped. A few weeks ago, I scratched the paint on my car, but now the paint is wearing off a lot more in that area. I would really like to get this repaired, and I think the best thing to do would be to get it repainted professionally. It sounds like they go through quite a few steps to be sure that the paint job looks professional and matches the rest of the car, which is really great! Thanks for sharing more about this process!

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