Automotive Paint Colors and Personality of the Car Owner

Your car and its colors sometime tell the world about you, it means the color of your car actually is the reflection of your personality. So for some people who consider this meaning will select or paint their car properly.


As explained on previous article about Automotive Paint Colors there are several factors should be taken into account when selecting good paint for your car. Good paint for should has good adhesive quality. Top auto paint shop such as Maaco applied the paint which has good adhesive quality to make the customer satisfy.


Maaco Auto Paint Colors Chart are provided to customer in order to help customer in choosing the most suitable Automotive Colors for their vehicle. When You need the Paint Jobs That Change Colors, Maaco is available for that kind of paint Jobs. Also when choosing the paint for your car remember to pick the paint which has no negative impacts to environment. Currently Degradation of our environment has become the main issues thus the paint manufacturer also consider environment friendliness to their new product such as PPG automotive coating release PPG’s Enviro-Prime® 2000 which has no issue with environment degradation. Ppg Auto Paint Color Chart also provided to help you when selecting the best one for your car.



Back to the colors, According to Lee Eiseman who expert on color the following are the meaning of color related to car’s owner personality.

Red: Sexy, high energy , speedy, and dynamic.

Silver: Elegant, cool, loves futuristic looks.

Black: Empowered, loves elegance , not easily manipulated, appreciates classics.

Gold: Intelligent, loves comfort, warm and will pay for it.

Light blue: Cool, faithful, calm,  quiet.

White: Fastidious.

Dark blue: Credible, dependable, confident.

Yellow: joyful and young at heart, Sunny disposition.

Gray: corporate, Sober, pragmatic, practical.

Orange: fickle and trendy, talkative, Fun-loving.

Dark green: well-balanced, trustworthy, Traditional, trustworthy.

Light green: Whimsical, Trendy, lively.

Taupe/light brown: Basic and simple tastes, timeless,.

Purple: Purple Paint Colors For Cars is suitable for Creative, original,  individualistic personality.

Dark brown: No nonsense, Down-to-earth.


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